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Vesper Gibbs Barnes

Vesper Gibbs Barnes


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The founder and senior counsel of her own practice since 1991, Vesper Gibbs Barnes is a warm, sophisticated and poised professional who goes the distance for her clients. Over 30 years Real Estate experience makes her a “go-to” general and special counsel to businesses and real estate development organizations. This includes establishing limited liability companies (LLCs), condominium developments and other real estate holding structures. A legal adviser to businesses on key real estate issues, Attorney Barnes has served as borrower’s counsel in the financing of several major projects, including but not limited to:

  • The Grove Hall Mecca Retail Center
  • Stanwood Street Residential Development
  • Nu-Life Real Estate Development (residential condominiums)
  • Imani Veterans Elderly Housing

Attorney Barnes also adeptly guides clients through the twists and turns of buying and selling residential property.

Equipped with a wealth of Landlord/Tenant law experience, Ms. Gibbs Barnes represents large property management companies and property owners in summary process evictions, building code violations and related matters. Her clients include several major real estate management companies in the City of Boston.

At some point in life you may need a good family and probate attorney. Exceptionally dedicated to her clients, Attorney Barnes brings an innate discernment and compassion to her Family and Probate Law practice, whether working closely with clients in divorce proceedings, settling estates or in drafting wills and probate documents.

In the area of Corporate Law, Attorney Barnes expertly drafts corporate documents, including by-laws and articles of organization. Additionally, Attorney Barnes helps establish non-profit organizations by drafting the necessary documents and guiding the new entity through the mind field of filing applications for federal recognition as non-profit organizations. Her experience in organizational management lends itself to sound legal advice on general corporate matters.

The Boston Housing Court has appointed Attorney Barnes as a Receiver regarding distressed real estate. Attorney Barnes was successful in bringing these properties back to habitability eliminating blight in the neighborhood.

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