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If you own commercial or residential property in the Boston area, you have a unique and valuable asset, which should be a source of steady revenue. However, too often, the greatest obstacle to efficient monetization of your property is the presence of a problem tenant. Unfortunately, the law is weighted heavily in favor of tenants, making it difficult for landlords to enforce their rights, even when tenants violate the terms of their lease and diminish the value of the property. Before you take action that could worsen an already bad situation, consult a knowledgeable landlord-tenant attorney at the Law Office of Vesper Gibbs Barnes & Associates. We provide reliable advice and determined representation to overcome problems with tenants, so you can continue to derive the maximum benefit from your real estate investment.

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The first defense against a problem tenant is a well-drafted lease with precise terms a court can easily apply to the facts of a dispute. Our skilled attorneys draft rental leases in clear language so there can be no misunderstanding about a tenant’s duties under the lease. When disputes arise, we are often able to resolve problems with a tenant’s performance by drafting letters clarifying the tenant’s obligations. When conflicts escalate, we provide advice on how to proceed without incurring legal liability.

In extreme cases, we are prepared to enforce your rights by taking decisive steps, including:

  • Notice to Quit/Service of Notice to Quit — You have the right to reclaim the premises from a tenant who is in violation of a lease agreement, but you must proceed according to the letter of the law or risk legal liability. We counsel landlords on the requirement for obtaining and serving notice for a tenant to vacate the premises.
  • Eviction — When conditions warrant an eviction, a landlord can still incur liability by acting hastily or rashly. We understand your frustration, especially if a problem tenant is driving down the value of your property. However, it’s important to refrain from “self-help” that might put you on the wrong side of the law. We guide you through the eviction process, providing trustworthy counsel that yields positive results.
  • Violation of lease execution — If the court finds a tenant is in violation of the lease, it issues an execution, which you can present to the sheriff who can move the tenant out and get the premises back for you. We help landlords prove a lease violation has occurred to obtain an execution for the relief they deserve.

Landlords who act without an attorney’s advice or upon poor advice can make matters much worse for themselves legally and financially. When you consult with Vesper Gibbs Barnes & Associates, we provide the guidance you need to pursue a favorable outcome.

Our knowledgeable attorneys also help resolve disputes in condominium and homeowners association settings.

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