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Dispersing the assets of someone who has died can be a complex process in any circumstance, but this is particularly true when there are conflicts involving actual or prospective beneficiaries. Estate funds used to resolve these issues could lessen the value of distributed assets. At the Law Office of Vesper Gibbs Barnes & Associates P.C. in Boston, our attorneys assist beneficiaries and estate administrators with Massachusetts probate issues. Serving the state since 1994, our dedicated team works to resolve ownership issues and legal complications strategically. We are highly experienced in situations relating to partitions, contested wills and intestate succession.

Knowledgeable legal counselors guide clients through the probate process

Probate is a court-supervised process used to establish the validity of a deceased person’s will and to distribute estate assets to creditors and beneficiaries. Probate typically takes about a year to complete, though that can vary depending on the size of the estate, the clarity of estate documents and if a challenge arises.

Probate is necessary when the decedent owned assets solely in their name. Beneficiaries named in trust documents, retirement accounts, life insurance policies and other wealth transfer documents generally receive designated assets without the need for probate. Massachusetts estates comprising personal assets with a total value of $25,000 or less can also be distributed without probate.

Reputable law firm handles partitions to resolve family real estate disputes

Real estate tends to be the most valuable asset in any person’s estate. Disagreements between beneficiaries often center around land ownership.

Partition is a legal process to force the sale of an undivided piece of land or real estate and divide the sale proceeds between all property owners. Oftentimes, a decedent will bequeath ownership of a family home to be shared by all of his or her children or grandchildren. But new co-owners may disagree about how to use property, or whether to sell it or keep it in the family. Any co-owner can file a Petition for Partition, asking the court to order a sale of the land for the highest possible financial return. The property may be sold to a co-owner via a buyout or to a third party. Once the sale is finalized, the court distributes proceeds based on ownership shares and the co-owners’ contributions to the property. 

Our attorneys pursue satisfactory outcomes to difficult estate inheritance matters. We are practiced in the partition process and in alternative dispute resolution for ownership conflicts.

Skilled litigators challenge fraudulent wills and advise on intestate succession

Estate distribution issues may arise if the will presented for probate seems suspicious or if the decedent did not have a will. Our firm represents beneficiaries and estate executors contending with: 

  • Contested wills — The legitimacy of a will can be challenged if the document appears to be fraudulent. A will may be deemed invalid if does not reflect the testator’s true intentions due to forgery, undue influence or lack of capacity. 
  • Intestate succession — A person dies intestate if he or she did not prepare a will. Intestate succession law determines who receives property from an intestate decedent’s estate. In Massachusetts, the decedent’s spouse, children, parents or siblings may inherit from the estate.

An individual may be able to help their beneficiaries avoid estate disputes by working with a lawyer to create a clear, enforceable will and choosing a capable estate executor.

Whether you are dealing with estate distribution issues or are ready to create your estate plan, our attorneys can help. We handle a various probate and estate matters.

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