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Because Massachusetts law has so many protections for tenants, landlords wishing to remove problem tenants must adhere precisely to strict rules and regulations. Even a minor deviation from the prescribed process can ruin the landlord’s chances of a successful eviction. At the Law Office of Vesper Gibbs Barnes & Associates, we represent landlords in residential evictions. We guide you carefully through the process, step by step, to facilitate a swift and cost-effective resolution.

The process for evicting a residential tenant in Boston

In Massachusetts, it is illegal for a landlord to remove occupants from a dwelling without a court order. So-called “self-help” evictions only place the landlord on the wrong side of the law, making it harder to be rid of a problem tenant, who is costing them money and may be driving down property value. It is vitally important that you adhere to the process:

  • Terminate the tenancy with a notice to quit — The notice to quit must be appropriate to the circumstances. A mistake at this stage will delay the process.
  • Summons and Complaint — After the notice period has expired, if the tenant has not vacated the premises, you may initiate the eviction process by filing a Summons and Complaint with the clerk of the court. There are fees for the filing, so a mistake that requires you to refile can be costly. In your Complaint, you can sue the tenant for non-payment of any rent owed even if non-payment is not the reason for the eviction.
  • Service — You must request that the sheriff or constable serve the Summons and Complaint on the tenant.
  • Court hearing — You must be prepared to prove the facts supporting your case for eviction, whether they are nonpayment of rent, destruction of property, lease violation, or other cause. The tenant may have defenses or counterclaims, such as safety code violations, which can complicate the process.

The process can be very straightforward, and many evictions cases can be settled in mediation, avoiding a trial altogether. But there are legal technicalities that can give your problem tenant new life. Your tenant may appeal the judgment or simply defy the court, forcing you to take the additional step of obtaining a violation of lease execution. To ensure a swift and sure summary process, you should consult an experienced and knowledgeable landlord tenant attorney. Our lawyers have more than 40 years of combined experience in evictions cases in Roxbury, Boston, and the surrounding counties.

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