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Felicia E. Higginbottom


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No team can have a winning season without a roster of power players. Felicia E. Higginbottom is a franchise level power player whose preparation allows her to nimbly maneuver through extensive legal research and adeptly draft legal documents, motions and memoranda in the areas of probate law, wills and trusts, real estate law, landlord/tenant law and family law. Experienced in probate and landlord/tenant court matters, Ms. Higginbottom expertly represents clients in housing, district and probate courts. She is also highly proficient in handling litigation matters and developing legal arguments. Her abilities have been coveted and fine-tuned at such diverse organizations as The Committee for Public Counsel Services and the Trial Court of the Commonwealth, Juvenile Court Department, to name a few.

When there are a few seconds left on the clock you want to have a power player to close out the game.

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